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Gusset Forming Tool--REVISITED

Discussion created by Jim Hilgenberg on Jan 16, 2007
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mts-13 * wrote:


I am making a braket that has a 90Deg bend. I need to put a small gusset or rib into that bend to add strength. I have made many attempts with forming tools but I can't get one to work properly. Has anyone made a forming to to do this or is there a better way????

...sometimes called a "stiffening knee" (J.H.)...

Aaron Conner * wrote:


This one works for me.

...I think Aaron had attachments here (J.H.)...

Jim Hilgenberg wrote:


if there were attachments here, they didn't transfer over when the system was changed...PLEASE re-attach the files as I'm very interested in your solution here.

Thanks greatly!!!

I remain very interested in this solution...any help, anyone...Aaron Conner, you still out there???