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    High Resolution PDF File

    Clayton Brubaker

      How do I create a "high resolution, print ready PDF file?"  I normally make a regular PDF, and we have no problem, however, we must send out a file for a local printer to produce.  The printer said they could not use our PDF and asked for the high resolution PDF.  I changed the options to "High quality lines Shaded/Draft geometr DPI to 600, but that did not increase the file size very much.  Can you shed any light on what this printer is requesting?


      Clay Brubaker 

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          Jeff Moritz

          I have had this same issue and have come up with a work around.  I use this method for HLR drawings of exploded views for user manuals that need to be sent to a printer for mass printing.


          1. Export drawing out of Solidworks as a .dwg make sure to have the high quality dwg export option checked in the options on the save as window.
          2. Open the .dwg file in Draftsight and select all of the entities by box selecting then change all of the line weights to 0.000".  I also change the color of all entities to white so that all will be black when exported out of Draftsight.
          3. Export as a .pdf from Draftsight and you should have a high resolution .pdf that a print shop can work with.

          It seems as though you can only get the line weight down to 0.007" in Solidworks whereas you can get much thinner lines in Draftsight or AutoCAD.  Also I tried this in the newest version of Draftsight which I believe is 2015 and it did not work at all so I reloaded the older version I had  which is 2014.  Attached is a comparison of 2014 vs 2015 exporting of .pdf from Draftsight.pdf 2014.PNG pdf 2015.PNG
                                       2014                                                                                                                                                      2015

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            Ashish Modasiya

            In save As option, You Can Save in PDF format from the Solidworks drawing or Part File and can take a print out of the PDF file.


            if it doen't work, Check the Image Resolution in System Option.