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Exploding Configurations - Critical

Question asked by James Pare on Jan 31, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2014 by James Pare

I am trying to see if anyone else has seen this issue, I am trying to determine the trigger to show the issue to my VAR


We have a top level configuration - Assembly A

Assembly A has multiple configurations

Inside of asswembly A there are multiple sub assemblies, some that have configurations, Lets call these assembly B

Assembly B in most cases does not change configurations inside of assembly A, but it can be surpressed or resolved in some of Assembly A's different configuration

Assembly B has multiple parts, Some of the parts, lets call them C have differeent configurations.


Ex Assembly A has (3) sub assemblies B, with 3 parts, one called C in each assembly

Sub assembly B has 3 different configurations which change the configurgaion of part C in the sub assembly


Top Level A has (3) sub assemblies as shown

SUB-B-01 is at config 01 & has Part C  config set to 01

SUB-B-02 is at config 02 & has Part C  config set to 02

SUB-B-03 is at config 03 & has Part C  config set to 03


Now at some "random time" the configs explode & SUB-B has part C set to config 01 in all SUb B configurations?

This has happened while opening drawings, Tab Thru Windows, Changing top level configurations


This was originally an issue in SWX 2013, but it seemed to get addressed, but it's BACK!!!!


This causes huge issues with designs blowing up