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SolidWorks Datacard button to run exe, also close the active datacard

Question asked by Arto Kvick on Jan 31, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2014 by Tim Webb



Tried to fit the whole question on the title, but here's some more explaining and the question.


We have quite simple exe -add-in for SolidWorks to pick dimension from the model to link them to properties... It would be REALLY beneficial to run it from the datacard... but the problem is that the datacard stays active and denies access to SolidWorks & active model... So th question is, do I need to make add-in to do the tasks (Run exe, close datacard, wait for the exe to close, open datacard) or incorporate the commands to our add-in (possible)...


The question reveals some of my coding skills, so please be gentle. I have talented coder in use, but he has no access to PDM / API for now. Directions needed. Thank you.