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Solidworks 2010 Education Licence

Question asked by Craig Jarvis on Jan 31, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2014 by Craig Jarvis


We have been sold “Solidworks 2010 Education” version.

This package was purchased on 16th June 2009.


In the last six months I have been approached by the reseller saying that we are on the wrong licences and we need to upgrade.

We are Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust, which we got told at the time allowed us the educational package.


We do not pay for upgrades or technical support and as such running an old version.

Why are we being asked to spend 8K on licencing when we did not make the mistake?


As this is an older version why do we need to upgrade?

Most software is once bought ours?


I could understand if we had been a profit making organization, but we are a hospital.


This is like buying a car on a deal, then 4 years later being told sorry we made a mistake you need to pay again but full price?


We are being told if we do not upgrade that we will have the Licence revoked!!

This can't be legal?