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    Are Rev Blocks dumb?

    John Schwalm

      I want to use a variable in my revision block, but it doesn't seem to want to work like a BOM or drawing title blocks.  It puts the date in the revision block, but I also have a number I use and would like that to be placed into a column in my revision block. Currently using EPDM and I push information to the drawing, but the revision block just won't take an attribute.  I am I missing something? Or is this just the way it is?

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          Lawrence Kiefer


          If you are using the actual Solidworks Revision Table the only way the variables get pushed to the rev table is if they are input first either via the custom property window or in the EPDM data card (if you have data card fields for the rev table). Once all of your custom property field have been input, you then right click on the table and then click on the add revision item. Doing it this way will populate the fields that you already input. With that said, it is for this reason that the Solidworks revision table does not play nice with EPDM. If you need the revision table to be linked to EPDM in that the custom property fields are linked, you will want to create a revi table using the general table feature in Solidworks. With this you can input any custom property and it will update in real time. Hope this helps.