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Hiding holes that are visible

Question asked by Cecelia Dailey on Jan 30, 2014
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I'm fairly new to SolidWorks... been on it for over two years, but with no classes and little screen time. I used to work in an office with quite a few users, but am all alone now, so my office support group is gone.


I'm using Solidworks Professional 2013 x64 Edition, SP3.0


Here's my problem: I am dimensioning holes and cut outs on the outside and inside of a container. On the exterior views an interior hole from the opposite wall will occasionally show through a cut out area. I am not dimensioning these holes in the current view, and the phrase "CUT OUT" is placed across the cutout as a note. I would like to hide the holes that show through. I've seen kind of similar discussions on the forum with replies that say to hide them using Hide edge on the view menu. I don't see any option in my view menu... What am I missing?