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    How to place fibers(cylinders) in a matrix(cube)

    Andreas Papadimitriou

      Hello Solidworks community


      I am working a project at composite materials and i want to make a 3D model of a composite materials. I want to place a lot of cylinders(maybe 600) in a cube. I have in excel files the diameter, the length, the start points of cylinders and the end points of the cylinders. The position of the cylinders is random. I want from excel to make this model. Because the fibers are very much i think that the only to do this fast is with macros. I have a lot of experience with solidworks but i have never use macros before. I think that i have to import points from excel, draw lines from the two points. Then i have to make a sketch o circle and then i have to make a sweep on the line  for each fiber. Has anyone something to suggest to me. Any ready programms of macros to understand how they work. I add a picture from matlab to see how are the fibers in the cube. Thanks for your time.