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method to model curved cut out on a radius

Question asked by Todd McCollum on Jan 30, 2014
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I have a part that requires a circular groove that has a bizarre curved profile ( see attached).  How does one model this goofy thing?  I have considered the solid bodies combine feature but can not figure out how to get the profile correct since it is a circumference style profile.  Flat plane would be easy...  Any thoughts???  To complicate things, my true part has a much larger OD and smaller ID and about six such grooves in a single body part of which each have a different profile. In a sence, it is a matter of using a sketch that has the same shape as say a ball end mill cutter and use a SWEPT CUT command.  However it is the generation of the true cirular tool path that has me stumped.  This method would require a two step process with a cut from the top then a cut from the bottom.  How does one get the circular path modeled up???  Damn - my head is starting to hurt:).


Groove Profile.jpg