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Shell Definition Keep Disappearing in FEA each time the original Model is Modified

Question asked by Zagros Lalo on Jan 30, 2014
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Original Post by: Chris Ross (30-Sep-2013 14:25) (This question is Not Answered.)

I'm getting really frustrated with trying to do a shell element static analysis.  I have a model constructed of various beams, channels, and pipe.  I have converted them to shells using the offset command.  I then assign a thickness to them as a midplane, assign a material, apply loads, mesh etc.  Everything runs just fine.  Look at the results, decide what I want to change and go back into the design tree and edit the necessary item.  Then go to run it again and all the thickness definitions gone!  Talked with my Solidworks tech support rep and he said that happens because solidworks recreates the shells in simulation everytime you edit anything in the feature tree!  ARGHH!!!!!  Is there a better way to do this?  With 150+ shells of various thickness and the reorder of the shells in the simulation tree appears to be random and different every time you have no choice but to click each item one at a time and set the definition.  Tech support says after creating all the shells, I could then go back and convert them all to sheet metal parts since solidworks will use the thickness definition from the sheet metal definition, but that is pretty time consuming and it visually doesn't work with wide flange beams because of the radius between the web and the flange.  Anyone else come up with a better solution?



I think Solidworks team should find a solution for this otherwise it is extremely frustrating and costly for us as engineers to keep inputting so much data knowing that if you make any change you will lose it and have to start all over again .. and we have to make sure that the data is correct every time; otherwise your analysis will be useless..

My suggestion to solve this problem is this..

1. At the modelling stage there should be a default value for inputting thickness for Surface bodies

2. The default thickness should only be activated when requires.. either to thicken the body or used for the shell element thickness during FEA.

3. This will be ideal if it is tabulated in an Excel Table (or Solidworks table) which will make it easier to change the default values for each surface body.. Instead of right licking and choosing from a menu which is very time consuming and frustrating (and will minimize Errors)

I hope Solidworks can incorporate this functionality in the software because currently it is really difficult to use it the way it is.

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