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    QuickView Hit or Miss

    Doug Foote

      Hello All...

      I am using an API call to open SolidWorks files using quickview.....which works half the time.   During the Qucikview process SolidWorks will return a error - 1   (Which is described as a generic error)

      Is there a property or value that can be set prior to opening the drawing to allow quickview to work?

      thanks in advance for any assistance.

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          Doug Foote

          BTW...  I can use SolidWorks to open the drawing in Quickview without issue.  It is only when using the API that fails sometimes.

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              Jason Kerns

              Here is a list of the options, if you are using option 8, I would recommend combining it with other options.

              Try 8 and 2 and 1 = 11


              swOpenDocOptions_AutoMissingConfig32 or 0x20 =; Use the most recently displayed configuration of a model when opening a drawing document silently that might have drawing views containing references to a missing configuration. Also use with swFileLoadWarning_ComponentMissingReferenceConfig if opening assembly documents that might be missing a component reference
              swOpenDocOptions_DontLoadHiddenComponents256 or 0x100 = By default, hidden components are loaded when you open an assembly document. Set swOpenDocOptions_DontLoadHiddenComponents to not load hidden components when opening an assembly document

              128 or 0x80 = Open assembly document as lightweight

              NOTE: The default for whether an assembly document is opened lightweight is based on a registry setting accessed via Tools, Options, Assemblies or with the user preference setting swAutoLoadPartsLightweight


              To override the default and specify a value with ISldWorks::OpenDoc6, set swOpenDocOptions_OverrideDefaultLoadLightweight. If set, then you can set swOpenDocOptions_LoadLightweight to open an assembly document as lightweight

              swOpenDocOptions_LoadModel16 or 0x10 = Load Detached model upon opening document (drawings only)
              swOpenDocOptions_OverrideDefaultLoadLightweight64 or 0x4 = Override default setting whether to open an assembly document as lightweight
              swOpenDocOptions_RapidDraft8 or 0x8 = Convert document to Detached format (drawings only)
              swOpenDocOptions_ReadOnly2 or 0x2 = Open document read only
              swOpenDocOptions_Silent1 or 0x1 = Open document silently
              swOpenDocOptions_ViewOnly4 or 0x4 = Open document in Large Design Review mode only (assemblies only)
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                  Doug Foote

                  I am currently using (1 + 2 + 8).    I have tried various combinations and there are none that provide a 100% success.  I would be OK if it were 1 or 2 out of 100...  but its half.  

                  Done some more tests.....

                  1- If I take a drawing that is failing on API open using quickview and no matter how many times I try it, it fails.  This would indicate something in the drawing. 

                  2- I treid saving as a detached drawing first.....then, sent it through.  That seemed to work but it totally go against the reason for QucikView not needing model support.


                  what could possibly be in a drawing that would hose up a QuickView open when using API and not hose up when opening with SolidWorks?