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    Relating part dimensions in an assembly

    Barry Watkins

      I've created a couple of models with a method that makes sense to me, but it's not working.  I would like to have a master model of an assembly that I can then copy and change a few overall dimensions creating a new custom-sized model.  It's not discreet standardized sizes that I'm trying to set up, but rather an infinite number of custom sizes.  I created a part called "internal dimensions" that is just a basic box with length width and height dimensions representing the interior size of my assembly.  I have set up part dimensions from within the master assembly that relate to the dimensions of my "internal dimensions" part via equations.  This has worked sort-of, but at some point on a couple of my models the dimensions stopped updating and I can't figure out why.  The dimensions then say they're "read only" and I can't go in and look at the equation to figure out what's wrong.  Is what I'm trying to do something that others do successfully or am I just trying to do something that shouldn't be attempted?  Seems to me it ought to work and it would be a huge time-saver if it were working the way I've envisioned.  Any helpful hints would be appreciated!

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          Glenn Schroeder



          First of all, I would eliminate the part "internal dimensions".  This function could be replaced with a 3d sketch (or two 2d sketches) in your assembly.  I think that would make it work better.


          Another thing that may help.  You said you're copying when you need to make another assembly.  Instead of doing that, I would recommend doing a Pack and Go (File > Pack and Go) of your assembly.  You can re-name files as part of the Pack and Go process by double-clicking on the file name in the "Save to Name" column, and it would probably be a good idea to do so to avoid duplicate file names.


          Someone else may have other ideas.

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            Jerry Steiger



            I don't have any experience using equations in this way, but I am pretty sure that people in the forums have reported problems when using equations with Pack and Go, where the variables don't update properly in the new assembly. If it weren't for that, I would second Roland and Glenn on using Pack and Go. (I suspect that using Save As may have the same problems.)


            I would do some searching in the forums to see if you can find the threads that I am remembering.


            Jerry S.