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    STP Import - gaps related to threaded holes?

    Powell Barber

      Hello All,


      I've been attempting to import a .stp file provided by a vendor.  Typically, after import there are 1 or 2 problematic faces that can usually be healed.  However, I then end up with 80+ gaps and I've not found anyway to resolve them.  These gaps seem to be associated with tapped holes.  I'm not experienced w/ the surface tools and don't fully understand what the problem is.  I have blindly tried multiple import options, however the processing time is substantial making iterations painful.


      I'd appreciate any guidance the community can offer.

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          Jeff Mirisola

          Preface - I'm not sure that import diagnostics and Feature Works exist separately, hence my following instructions.


          Do you have FeatureWorks? If so, don't run Import Diagnostics when you import the file. Exit out of it, then run FeatureWorks. It will delete the surface bodies that are causing you the issues, and then it'll recognize the features giving you a model tree. If you don't have feature works, You can simply shift select all the surfaces, RMB->delete bodies. You'll then end up with a single dumb solid.

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              Powell Barber

              Thanks Jeff,


              Running FeatureWorks (exiting import diagnostics and selecting YES to feature recognition) results in an error that states; "Part contains features with rebuild error.  FeatureWorks could not proceed further."


              However your second suggestiong did work for me.  After deleting all of the surfaces, I ran import diagnostics.  This again produced the errant faces, but they were easily healed.  As you state, I now have one big, dumb, solid - suitable for my immediate needs.