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Possible to populate Title Block field with Model View "Material" -OR- Custom Property "Material"?

Question asked by Russell Sharpe on Jan 29, 2014

Hey all,


Apologies if this is obvious or has been answered elsewhere but I've been at it all afternoon...


I would like to have the option to choose, in the custom properties tab, from either the actual material of the part used in the drawing or some other custom option selectable from a drop-down or radio button list in the custom properties tab. I would like this value to then populate the note in the "Material" section of the title block.


The problem that I have run into is that I cannot (figure out how to) have a Custom Property field read from the model's material property. I know how to link the model material directly to the note, but sometimes I want to have that note say something other than the model material. I could link the note to both the Model's Material and the Custom Material, but when no material is defined inside the part a value of "Material<not specified>" is conveyed to the note instead of nothing. Is there a way to hide a title block note as a result of a selection in the Custom Properties panel?


What would be the most logical way to go about having a title block note display either the actual part material or a custom property value?



Thanks in advance for the help, and let me know if my issue needs clarification.