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    CSWP-DRWT Sample Exam Topic

    Maxime Berger

      I would like to pass the exam CSWP-DRWT. There is sample exam provided by SolidWorks. There is one topic listed that I need to review but I dont' undestand what it is:


      Transferring sketch elements to/from Views



      Thank you. 

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          Maxime Berger

          Hi me,


          I think I find it. if you want to transfer a sketch element or an annotation from a view to another one:


          Select an annotation or a sketch, press Ctrl+x (cut) or Ctrl+c (copy) and then click on the view you want to paste it. When the border of the view is dot orange you can paste it: Ctrl+v. Your annotation or sketch is now associate with the view. Do not use the right click mouse option "Copy Entities" because you could not associate with the view.