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breaking up a Large STP assembly so i can make a quick demo

Question asked by Patrick Brown on Jan 29, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2014 by Patrick Brown

Hello SW community


this one is a bit of a odd one..


I've just been given a large 56+ MB stp file of a machine,


no problem solidworks has opened it... and I've hidden all the non important things.. (guarding.. and silly thing like that... )


but tomorrow I've been tasked with giving a demo of how the machine works..


now to make that super easy, I'd like to be able to move  / rotate parts... slide things about...


but ... and I'm sure you already know this...


it's all locked together... and there doesnt seam to be any mates or "glue" holding it together.. its just solid...


so before i take the 800 parts and rebuild the entire thing... (which will be a sleepless night I'm pretty sure)


does anyone know how I can slice it up and then mate chunks of it up and pull off the demo of the year... (i know i know.. we are only 30 days in.. but i don't expect anyone doing anything half as good in the next 11 months... so it will be the demo of the year)


thanks in advance...