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    FeatureCAM 4th axis periphery hole issues

    Zac Nowicki

      Hi All,


      Any users around of FC for SW? I'm having quite a difficult time setting up a program to drill periphery holes on a cylindrical part with rotary indexing.

      I have set up a UCS along the C/L of the part at one of the end faces. The part axis is the Z axis. I reference this same UCS in the stock and the setup for the periphery hole feature - but I constantly get the error that the axis for the pattern is not the same as the indexing axis - but quite simply, at least to me, it is.


      Doubt that it's the source of the issue but: The features in the part is layed out as a 6 instance circular feature pattern referencing a Hole Wizard .25 hole located on a sketched point on the OD of the part. The circular pattern axis is the axis of the part.


      The manufacturer I work for does a lot of peripheral holes and cutouts and it's most reliable for us to do it on a rotary table / 4axis machine, so it's critical that I can generate these kinds of programs. I can write them by hand still, but there's some upcoming bigger projects that would save a lot of time if I can do this in FC.


      The UCS I'm referencing in all FC operations:


      The error message:


      I can provide more screenshots of other dialogs if it would help.

      I've tried both using the Hole feature and feature recognition, both produce the error regardless that I'm using a UCS that matches the index axis. Any insight would be appreciated.