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Install more than one version of SolidWorks on one computer

Discussion created by Lee Macklem on Jan 16, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2007 by SolidAir

My company has a need to install and maintainmore than one version of SolidWorks.  Currently I have 2006sp4.1 and also need 2007 sp2.2 loaded on the same computer.  Iwork with different clients that require different versions of thesoftware which requires this type of installation.  Duringinstallation 2006 is located in the default C:\ProgramFiles\SolidWorks with the data in C:\Program Files\CommonFiles\Solidworks Data.  When installing 2007 I specified aunique folder C:\Program Files\SolidWorks2007 with the data inC:\Program Files\Common Files\Solidworks Data2007.  I needthis installed this way so the 2006 reference items do not getwritten over by 2007.


In other CAD software by giving a new folderduring installation the application would know the path for allitems related to the software (i.e. bend tables, sheet metal gaugetables, etc.).  With SolidWorks I have to go into the optionsmenu and rename all the file locations for all the referencefiles. 


I am looking for someone that may know aneasier way to install more than one version of the software on thesame computer.  Is this the easiest way to do this or is thereanother way?