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An invalid Toolbox folder was selected.

Question asked by David Baka on Jan 29, 2014

Hello there!


I am using Solidworks 2011 Professional SP2.0 on a Windows XP SP2 machine (I know) and I want to add custom parts to my Toolbox. As a test excercise I have created several configurations for a nail and tried to export that to a custom folder of the Toolbox. What I did:

I created the part and different configurations with the Design Table. Added the Toolbox, created some new folders in the Design Library (I was careful to create three-layered folders, as suggested in this post) and on the opened part document I selected Add to Library on the Design Library tab. Selected items to add, navigated to the desired folder (had be to activated in Toolbox/Configure) and clicked ok. Instead of adding it to the Toolbox however, Solidworks threw an error message saying:  "An invalid Toolbox folder was selected. Select a folder that contains Toolbox content." Interestingly, when I select a folder that was not created by me, but was originally included in the Toolbox, I have no problem adding the part (it's just that a nail looks silly among bearings).

I think I'm making some very basic error somewhere but I can't for the life of me figure out what I'm doing wrong. Any advice is appreciated.


UPDATE: Created a different part, and I could add that without a problem. And now the original nail can be added to Toolbox too. I don't understand how or why. Still, my question remains because the problem might arise again.





P.S.: I was doing pretty much what this video does.