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Very slow starts to meshing and running simulations

Question asked by Matt Mullett on Jan 28, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2014 by Jared Conway

I'm working on a large truck assembly and preping it for FEA. At periodic intervals of my preping I'm taking what I have prepped and meshing it and applying loads to test for proper bonding before I dive deeper. At a certain point the assembly started taking way too long to mesh or begin the simulation. It will just sit there with the Win 7 "Not Responding" white wash and message box for 10-40 minutes before completing the job. Occasionally it will also make that cowbell notification noise over and over again during this frozen period.


I've had this problem often with various assemblies, but often chalked it up to imported models since that was the bulk of my work. However this is a native solidworks assembly, so it must be some feature I added to a part or in the assembly. Are there any known errors or poor practices that could cause this problem? Its unbearable to work with since it takes 40 minutes for the mesh to fail, or for it to tell me my model is unstable and kills half of my day.


Everything in the Solidworks RX is green. I'm running Win 7 x64 on an I7, 16gb, FirePro V5800 (9.003.3), with the latest 2013 service pack.




Edit: Watching the work folder, I can see solidworks slowly write the simulation files kilobyte by kilobyte and is constantly using 12% CPU. The file writes last for about 5 minutes after I press Run, and then just hangs while still using CPU.