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Oculus Rift support

Question asked by Gonzalo B on Jan 28, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2021 by Praveen Bhaniramka



I would like to know if anyone has considered developping Virtual Reality supprt for SolidWorks. I've been following the developpement of the Oculus Rift for a little while and the promise of true practical virtual reality is about to become a ...reality. Many reviews and opinions point towards that this is it and VR will deliver the promise that failed during the 90s. While it's being developped for gamers there are many applications that are spawning from the potential of the device. For example, with the current developpement kit people are using it to watch movies in a virtual cinema. I though it might be a big thing for CAD programs.


As a longtime SolidWorks user i was immediately sold when I first lay hands on a space mouse. The new degrees of liberty made working with CAD models that much more dynamic and interesting. I think that going into VR would be just as great. Having a sense of scale sometimes can help you figure out potential problems in a design. Often my little CAD rendition, easily zoomed in and out will not give the full impression of the actual feel of the assembly once is fabricated.


I have seen there is an augmented reality app for ipads that let you visualize on a real environement the size of a certain 3D object. So i believe they know the need is there because the though of making this app. It would be a lot better if it was to be truly immersive.


By the way, I haven't done any research prior to asking this. Therefor i dont know if there are current options for a virtual reality head mount display for solid works.


Anyways, if nobody has though about it then this query might help get the ball rolling, who knows


Any info or opinions are welcome.