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trying to get extruded part converted to sheet metal to develop flat pattern

Question asked by Dave Krum on Jan 28, 2014
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Good morning all,

I have a formed/rolled piece for the bottom flange of a bridge girder that I'm trying to convert to sheet metal in hopes of developing a flat pattern.  After doing some research online, I've come to the conclusion that it cannot be done for complex curves but I'm not sure what I have is considered complex (basically a bend then a roll each way off centerline/middle of piece).  Basically, the beginning part off the straight line (mirrored both ways off centerline symmetrically) is a bend about 10 degrees up which will be formed in press brake.  The rest is a parabolic curve whiich will form itself when the shop welds it to the girder web.  Since there is nowhere to use "insert bend" as I can't pick up a physical bend and "convert to sheet metal" won't pick up bends and I cannot select a fixed face, not sure if I can get this thing converted to sheet metal or not.  I originally had the curve broken in line segments as it was detailed then used "fit spline" to make the curve one entity (had to deleted original geometry).  Then simply offset the spline 2" to get thickness of steel.  I believe this part is ok but cannot figure out how to make it a sheet metal piece.  I'm attaching both the original drawing as well as the formed flange in a part by itself where I used "insert into new part".  Any suggestions would be great.  Thanks.