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Updating Drawing References

Question asked by Robin McCaffrey on Jan 27, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2014 by Robin McCaffrey

I am trying to optimize some large assemblies we have.  I have created part files for the sub assemblies in our main assembly.  This drastically improved performance (load times went from a minute and a half to about 15 seconds).  I have two configurations in our general assembly that load either the full sub assemblies or the simplified partified sub assemblies.  When working with the model, you unsuppress whichever part of the general assembly you want to work with and suppress it's part based dummy.  When done the changes, I recreate the part file, and everything is happy and good to go.


However, the sticking point comes when dealing with drawings.  Ideally we would like to use the faster part files sub assembly configuration, but if we do that, we get dangling dimensions every time we update an assembly.  Not a big deal, and depending on the change, it is faster to fix dangling dimensions then it is to work with a very slow drawing file.


Is it possible to create a macro that relinks these dangling dimensions automatically?  Or should we simply hold off on fixing dangling dimensions for every time we want to export a drawing package?