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    Problem thickening a simple surface

    Zoheb Akhtar

      I am trying to thicken this surface to convert it into a solid.

      The first part is the ladle of a spoon:

      1) When I am trying to thicken it it says "Unable to thicken".

      2) But if I mirror it and knit the mirrored surface with "Try to make a solid" option selected and after this I try thickening it it thickens.


      The second part is the handle of the spoon:

      1) If I thicken it, it thickens

      2) But if I try to mirror it and knit it with "convert to solid" option selected, it doesn't thicken


      My plan is to make both these surfaces with different thickness and then use solid Loft to join the two entities with some guide curves.


      Can anyone please help me? It is very frustating when something so simple get stuck. lease find the attachement



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          Jerry Steiger



          I don't have SW available right now and probably couldn't open your part if I did, as I am still running SW2010, so this is just a guess. I suspect that on the ladle you did not close the center face. When you mirror it and knit, it no longer needs the center face to make a water-tight surface and is able to make a solid.


          I suspect you made the handle with the center face. It makes a water-tight surface before the mirror and, hence, can make a solid. You should not even be able to knit the two bodies after you mirror, unless you picked just the "outer" faces, not the whole body, to mirror.


          Jerry S.