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    Different Stresses - Counterbore & Foundation Connectors

    Lakhvinder Singh

      Hi All,


      I have been doing an analysis on a 2 part assembly, which are bolted with each other. In one scenario I am using Standard Counterbore bolt connectors, and in the other I am using Foundation Bolt connectors. Unrealistic high stresses are coming in the Standard Counterbore bolts. Can someone please advise why is this so?

      In reality, studs will be used, which will have nuts on either sides of the studs. Thanks in advance.





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          Mike Pogue



          In general, unrealistically high stresses around bolted connectors is the expected behavior. This is a limitation of solidworks simulation bolted connectors. There are a number of ways to get to the actual stress. The most popular is to model the bolt in question. Submodelling might make this more practical, depending on the assembly. You can also extract the bolt forces and do the bolt hand calcs.