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    which cools faster?

    Necmettin Kenar

      hi all;
      today i tried to simulate some mechanical part's transient analysis, while doing that thing i realised that something was going wrong. to describe the problem i've prepared a summarized model.


      simulation:thermal (transient)
      transient total time:60sec (increment:1sec) 60 steps
      initial temp(solid model): 50 celcius


      convection coeff:25 W/m^2.K
      ambient temp:20 celcius


      i applied analysis for both aluminium(6061) and steel(st37-2) materials.


      when i look at the cooling curves for the same point; i realised that there is almost no differences between to simulations.

      Owing to having the same volumes; aluminium has to cool faster than steel, doesn't it? its

      there is something wrong but i couldn't find the reason yet.



      cooling curve for St37-2



      cooling curve for6061 Alloy



      model is also attached.

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          Per Engberg

          AFAK the specific heat capacity per weight of aluminium is app. double that of steel. Since the density is app. half, similar cooling curves shoud be expected if the convection is the same.

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              Necmettin Kenar

              yes Per u r right, i applied lumped capacitance method for this problem and it proved sw simulation


              Ekran Alıntısı.JPG

              after eliminating same values for aluminium and steel, remaining values are density and specific heat


              at my simulation this variables are;



              2700 kg/m^3 * 1300J/(kg.K) = 3510000



              7800 kg/m^3 * 440J/(kg.K) = 3432000


              owing to multiplications of these values are close to each other, cooling curves are also close too.