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which cools faster?

Question asked by Necmettin Kenar on Jan 27, 2014
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hi all;
today i tried to simulate some mechanical part's transient analysis, while doing that thing i realised that something was going wrong. to describe the problem i've prepared a summarized model.


simulation:thermal (transient)
transient total time:60sec (increment:1sec) 60 steps
initial temp(solid model): 50 celcius


convection coeff:25 W/m^2.K
ambient temp:20 celcius


i applied analysis for both aluminium(6061) and steel(st37-2) materials.


when i look at the cooling curves for the same point; i realised that there is almost no differences between to simulations.

Owing to having the same volumes; aluminium has to cool faster than steel, doesn't it? its

there is something wrong but i couldn't find the reason yet.



cooling curve for St37-2



cooling curve for6061 Alloy



model is also attached.