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Simulation screen does not refresh

Question asked by Carlos Moreiras on Jan 27, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2014 by Carlos Moreiras

I have solidworks 2013 premium with the simulations package running in a custom built CPU only to be used with solidworks. The video card we are using is a AMD FirePro W5000.

Solidworks works great for parts and assemblies, but if we try to make a simulation the screen where the part is freezes, everything else in solidworks works fine, i can click on a face and apply a force to it, it just doesnt show it on the screen, if i try to rotate it same thing happens, the screen does not change but when i return to the "Model" tab, the part is fine and it even rotated like i tried. We built the computer less than a year ago, we tried refreshing the screen as well as doing a rebuild and nothing will make the part refresh while is in the "Simulations" tab. We uninstalled the video card and reinstalled it with the latest driver and the problem is still there.

The simulations were used for around 6 months, then spent around 3 months not being used since i was out of the country, when i came back and tried to use it, it started freezing.

Running on Win 7 x64, 120GB flash memory, 1.5 TB external hard drive.