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Wooden oval turning

Question asked by James Gray on Jan 25, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2014 by James Gray

Hi, I've been watching YouTube again and wonder if there is a way to mimic the process of oval turning ( )


The basic process being as follows:

Two pieces of the desired wood with a sacrificial piece of wood in the centre,

A revolved cut around the assembly,

Remove the sacrificial piece of wood from the centre,

Mate the two pieces of desired wood together (and possibly a final revolve cut on the stem)...


The basic assembly, revolved cut, and removal of the sacrificial piece, all work fine. The problem occurs when I try to mate the two desired pieces together...

How ever I try to mate the two desired pieces together, the revolved cut then does not work. I.E. the desired pieces pull together and the cut updates to that shape - thus not achieving the effect I am after

I believe what is happening is that the order places the rearrangement of the components before the revolved cut... I cannot re order this.



I know that I could do the parts separately and then do a final assembly, once they are all fully shaped... but I would like to replicate the process if at all possible.


Thanks for reading.


I've attached a basic model - I figured that I'd start small and see if it can work before I make anything pretty