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Advice someone new to drafting...

Discussion created by Chris Mackedanz on Jan 25, 2014
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Hello Everyone.


So, I decided a while back to go back to college and get a college degree in mechanical drafting from a local college.  Long story short, I am not very happy with the program, and it's partially because of the fact that I have to work full time to make ends meet.


I have been lucky enough to get a job doing mechanical drafting, with solidworks, for about the past 9 months.  I am actually starting a new job on Monday, still as a solidworks drafter at a new company.


Now, my question is this... I already have an A.A.S. Degree granted it isn't in Drafting of any kind, it's in Audio Technology.  That being said, is it worth it for me to actually go and get a peice of paper that says I have some general knowledge of drafting practices....OR would be better for me to spend my time and energy into specific certifications, like from solid works?


And what certifications should I be looking into?


Thanks everyone!