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Sheetmetal gauge tables

Question asked by Luc Van Puijenbroek on Jan 27, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2014 by Roman Lech

Hi guys,


Since a few months i'm calculating my sheetmetal flatt patterns by een gauge table. The table is set up with values created from original measurements.

The table has got three different value's, K-factors, radii and sheet metal thicknesses.

But since i've updated from SW2013 to SW2014; the table isn't working anymore.

When i have created en certain sheet metal part, and i want to flatten it; sw gives an error.

"Warning BaseBend1   The thickness of this bend fell outside the bend allowance/deduction table. The bend allowance/deduction is evaluated using the K factor instead."


Problem is, SW can't read the table anymore.

I'm using Win7, 64 bit, Solidworks 2014 SP1.0


Does anyone got an idea what the problem is?


Attached, the gauge table.