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Best Video Card Solution to run both SolidWorks & Bunkspeed Shot

Question asked by Charles Schwimmer on Jan 25, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2014 by Charles Schwimmer

I have a new Xi computer with a Quadro K600 card. I'm primarily running SolidWorks and PhotoView 360 on it and I want to stay with a Solidworks certified card. *After* I bought the computer, I decided that I'd also like to run Bunkspeed Shot on it. I have another week in which I can exchange the card, and I'd like to get a solution that will have more Cuda cores to run Shot faster. Shot uses Cuda Cores, and the more Cuda cores the video card has, the faster the rendering time will be. The Quadro cards are great for SolidWorks, but they have very few Cuda cores compared to many other graphics cards for the same dollar amount.


I don't want to spend more than another $400 dollars.


The solutions that I have considered are:

A) exchange the K600 for a K2000. This will only give me 384 cores though.

B) buy an additional card and run two cards. I'm thinking of something in the NVidia GTX line such as the GTX 760 which has 1152 cuda cores and would only cost me an additional $260.


In the nVidia line, the GTX cards have the best value in Cuda cores per dollar spent, but I don't want to run solely a GTX card because I have read that they will not support Realview in SolidWorks.


Can I run a GTX card in conjunction with a Quadro card such as the K600 that I currently have? I don't think that they can be SLId together, but can I somehow set them to enable the Quadro card for Solidworks and the GTX card for Shot, or switch between them? Can anyone suggest any other solution for me? Thanks!!!


My system specs:

Intel Core I7 4770k @ 4.1 Ghz

Quadro K600

Windows 7 64 bit

16 Gb RAM

720 watt PS