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    Edit Feature Icon is not showing

    Huytien Tran

      I have a very interesting case where my edit feature doesn't want to show when I want to edit a part that I have. I don't know if this is a little bug but this is the first time that I am seeing this. I have exit out and re-open solidworks and it still wouldn't show. Can anyone help me?


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          Glenn Schroeder

          Welcome to the forum.  You said you exited and re-opened SolidWorks, but have you tried re-booting your computer?  You might also want to edit your profile here and give your computer specs, including your video card.

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            Christopher Leeman

            I am having a similar issue with icons being greyed out as if inactive, even when they should not be.  If i move the mouse over the greyed out icons they regain their proper color.  I have this problem on two PC's with different graphics cards, NVIDIA Quadro 4000 and NVIDIA 500.  I am an experienced user and this is not much more than cosmetic to me, but there are other individuals in my dept. that have less experience and can't find the feature icon that they are looking for due to it being shown as grey or inactive.  Is anybody having similar issues?


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                Jerry Steiger



                Do you have the approved drivers for your version of SW and the cards?


                Those cards may be getting too old to have approved drivers for later versions of SW.


                Jerry S.

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                  John Sweeney

                  Hi Christopher,

                  Your description sounds similar to a bug we had with the toolbar buttons that was related to specific partner integrations with SolidWorks.  The ultimate cause was the user interface was not getting the final repaint message after creating or opening the first document.  You might be seeing a similar issue with a different workflow.


                  Do you see this only when opening or creating your first part, drawing and assembly?  In our testing of the issue, it also required Aero to be turned OFF and it required the user to have toolbars displayed when no documents were open.  Does this match your setup?


                  This should be fixed in SW2014 SP2 which is now available.  The workaround for this bug is to enable Aero with your Window desktop properties, or to not dock toolbars to the empty frame (ie: turn off all SolidWorks toolbars when all documents are closed... the toolbar states are stored based on the document type so turning them off with no docs open won't affect your toolbar display with a part/drw/assem open).


                  Let me know if this matches your scenario and if the workarounds help.


                  Best Regards,


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                      Christopher Leeman


                      Thanks for the feedback.  The problem has been resolved with SP2.  In regards to scenario that I was dealing with, the issue was omnipresent.  It did not matter how many parts, drawings or assemblies that I had opened.  Regarding the toolbars, I used the toolbar states as saved with the document type, so no toolbars are present in the absence of an open document. Finally, my operating system is windows 7, so I am unfamiliar with Aero.  So the best fix, if anyone else encounters this same issue, is to use SW2014 SP2.


                      Thanks again for your help,