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Who makes video card drivers for Solidworks? Experiencing display glitches

Question asked by D. B on Jan 24, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2014 by Daniel Booth

Is it the video card company or Solidworks?


The reason I'm asking, is because we've had a few Dell Precision M6800's in the office for a few months now. These systems all have the AMD FirePro M6100 FireGL V graphics card, however on Solidworks' graphic drivers page  it doesn't list the graphics card model under the Dell M6800, nor does it list it under just AMD as the graphics card vendor. The reason I think I need to get this right driver, is because these computers have interesting visual glitches in Solidworks (which our other models don't have).


First, inserting an image into a sketch plane works well, however it will turn invisible after a certain amount of time. The sketch is still there as you can still grab it and orange lines appear on the outer edge, but dragging it around doesn't make it re-appear. Inserting another sketch will show the 2nd one fine, but still have the first one as invisible. Second, when you right click a body in the Solid Bodies folder of the tree, and select the beach ball for Appearances (to color a body), the box where you can select a body or face to color pops open far to the right. Now when moving the cursor towards this box, IF the cursor goes over another icon next to the beach ball (ex, Normal To and Paste Appearance), then that box for selecting a body or face to color disappears. This requires you to move the cursor carefully up to get out of the way. An annoyance to say the least, however in assemblies this is literaly impossible as the beach ball is dead center surrounded on all sides by icons.


Any clues would be appreciated.