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    Using the Enterprise API with C++

    Alex Steinberg

      I've just gotten EPDM and I'd like to write a simple add-in to try and add some features. I've got Visual Studio 2013 pro, and I can't seem to make the example code found here:http://help.solidworks.com/2014/English/api/epdmapi/cppaddin.htm?id=19255c64220c4102abedcb05e77d26d8#Pg0 work. If I follow the instructions exactly, I ended up successfully generating a dll but when I tried to bring it in to EPDM via the debug plugin method I got an error that said it wasn't a COM module. I then tried again, triple checking my values, and got the same result.


      I then went and downloaded the 2010 templates from the forum here: https://forum.solidworks.com/docs/DOC-1147 I followed the directions for the 2010 templates, and subsequently the C++ templates, and I ended up with an error in visual studio that said "project creation failed."


      I have to assume that someone is using this combination of softwares, if so can you offer any help getting started on setting up a project in Visual Studio 2013?