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Data cards for same file extention but different file descriptions.

Question asked by Jeff Thomas on Jan 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2014 by Jeff Thomas

When we create a new Project Quote the entire project folder structure is created in the Projects folder. A Project Quote document is created in the Bid folder at that time. I have created a data card for the quote document that works for .doc, .docx and saved it into the root Projects folder. This then makes this card the default data card for all files of the same type that care reated in any of the new project sub-folders. We create many different types of project documents in these folders and they all have unique variables. However the Quote data card is the default card and does not have those variables written to it. How do any of you handle different data cards for files of the same type?


I would like to have the appropriate data cards saved into a specified folder when the project folders are created using the EPDM template function. I see no way to do this.


My solution was to use tabs on the default card that are named after the type of document i.e. Project Quotes and Project Documents. However I think this can get a little confusing when we go live next month.


I think I am stuck using my solution.


Thanks for everyone's 2 cents on this.