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Long Shot...

Question asked by Wade Anderson on Jan 23, 2014

I've integrated MODUS by Renishaw with EPDM(Almost).  Modus creates a rtf file for a report from a cmm run.  EPDM can not add this file automatically because MODUS has a hook still on the rtf file after it outputs the specs to the rtf file and results in a local file.  It can't be added to the vault until the CMM program that created the rtf file has been closed.  Then its a manual "add file to vault" operation.  If your running MODUS is there a command that I can use in the program to terminate the reporting hook to the rtf file but leave the program open?


Long shot I know. 


Yes, a custom addin for Modus could be created just like the other epdm addins for SolidWorks, Draftsight, and MS office.