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    Icons wrong

    Henry Diem

      To All,


      When I select a part, inside an assembly or the part file, my icons appear as per the attach photo.


      See attached Photo

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          Anna Wood

          What version and SP of SolidWorks are you using?  Do you have an approved video card driver installed for SolidWorks on your system?







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            John Sweeney

            Hi Guys,

            It's possible that what you're seeing is a corrupt set of registry entries for our toolbar flyout buttons.  If you rename the registry key shown it may solve the problem.


            1. Close SolidWorks

            2. Open the registry editor by typing "regedit" at a command prompt or in the Start bar search field.

            3. Expand the "HKEY_CURRENT_USER" key and rename the key shown below:


                          HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SolidWorks\SolidWorks 2014\User Interface\Toolbars\Flyouts


            4. Restart SolidWorks. 


            This will force SolidWorks to recreate this registry key and hopefully solve the problem.  These particular settings are not customizable so if you have made customizations to the user interface you will not lose anything.


            Best Regards,


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                Bjorn Sorenson

                Hello John,


                It looks like SPR-739958 is referencing this same problem, but hasn't been addressed?

                I've seen the same behavior running 2014 1.0 w/ a NVIDIA Quadro 600, RX says "Your graphics card is supported and the driver is up to date".


                "Flyouts" is a folder w/ about 50 other flyout subfolders.  I think maybe the actual key got cut off in your post?  Or do you rename the whole top-level folder?  Can you be more specific about what to rename?



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                    John Sweeney

                    Hi Bjorn,

                    Yes, you can rename the "Flyouts" folder seen in the registry key I show above.  Let me know if this works or if you need to reboot too... I can understand restarting Solidworks because we will recreate those reg keys, but I don't understand yet why rebooting helps.  We can't reproduce this issue so we're still digging.

                    Best Regards,


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                  John Sweeney

                  Hi Henry,

                  Any luck with this issue?  It looks like you are selecting a cylindrical face while in an assembly... is that correct?


                  We appear to be showing the "Make Collinear" command icon in 6 places on this context toolbar.  If you move your mouse over these icons does it show the correct tooltip for the command which is supposed to be displayed (ie: "Open part", "Edit Feature", "Select Other" for the left-most icons)?


                  Can you tell me if you were changing any of the UI states for "small, medium, or large" button size which can be found in the Tools-Customize-Toolbars dialog?  Also, did you just upgrade this machine from SW2013 or earlier, or is this the first installation of SolidWorks on this PC?


                  Thanks in advance,


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                    Justin Harwell

                    I am having the same issue, sometimes the icons are not there and sometimes they are the wrong icon for what it is. I run off 2014 x64 and have a NVIDIA Quadro K2000 with a Intel core i7. At this time restarting the program and sometimes the computer is the only way to fix it.

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                      Mack McDonald

                      I too am having this same problem. Sometimes it's the colinear icon in several places, sometims it's the perpendicular icon, and most often, there's no icon at all. The missing icons don't seem to follow any pattern, either. The affected icons appear to be random.


                      Although I haven't tried editing the registry yet to solve the issue, I wonder if this issue is related to "upgrading" my SolidWorks installation, as opposed to cleaning my old version of SolidWorks entirely from my computer before installing 2014 fresh.


                      I'm just wondering if the majority of the other users having this issue also opted to upgrade from their previous version of SolidWorks, rather than doing a clean install. I may very well test this theory myself by cleaning off my installation of SolidWorks and starting fresh. When I get the chance to do this, I will report back.

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                          Justin Harwell

                          I did not upgrade, just installed solidworks 2014. I have this icon issue although, editing the registry did work for me for a few months. and it just started messing up again and that was only after I put the program through alot, (doing alot of rendering). 

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                            Shane Tully

                            I too am having this same problem on SW2014 SP2, I also experience transperent screen issues so far when i start a new part in an assembly and when i add BOMs to a drawing and does it everytime i do one of these, in order to correct it i have to close the program and re-open everything is good untill i do one of these things again.


                            System configuration is:


                            Lenovo Thinkstation S30

                            Nvidia Quadro K2000

                            16gb ram

                            Intel Xeon E5-1607 v2 3.00GHZ

                            Windows 8.1


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                                Ian Worrall

                                I had the transparent screen issue a while back.

                                It turned out that IT had installed the newest video drivers on my machine, instead of the SW certified ones.

                                See what Solidworks Rx says

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                                    Shane Tully

                                    Thanks for the reply Ian,


                                    I made sure i was using the driver from SW still no fix, but i may have came up with a solution. So far what i have done is uninstalled the NView and apears to have fixed the problem for me. I also stumbled accross this on another thread after i uninstalled Nview but this May also work for those running into this issue. ( https://forum.solidworks.com/thread/69559 )


                                    Re: SolidWorks Goes Transparent


                                    "I've had similar issues here, in SW2013 and now also in SW2014. 3D sketch triggers it, but doing it again also untriggers it. Similar for adding BOM to drawing - insta transparent. I updated to "certified drivers" (think they happened to be the same for my Quadro7000) and tweaked windows "fancy" settings to no avail.


                                    My solution (as a nView Desktop Manager user with two desktop environments and two screens), after much fiddling: Right click on desktop and open nView Desktop Manager. In the User Interface tab, turning off "Add nView options to system menus" did the trick. I even get the transparency mishap back if I temporarily enable it again. Not sure if this will help everyone, but worth a try."

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                                Penny Brewer

                                The problem of missing icons, icons displaying with an underline or the same icon being shown multiple times on a context sensitive right mouse button popup-up menu is caused by a few inconsistent icons within SolidWorks.  This issue has been tough to reproduce because there are only a few of these invalid icons in existence, and your workflow needs to cause one of these icons to be loaded first in order to see the issue.


                                This problem has been fixed for SW2014, SP3.0.  In the meantime, to avoid the problem, the following workflow will assure the toolbar and menu icons are correct:


                                1.  Start SW.
                                2.  Create or Open an existing part.
                                3.  Mouse over the "Edit" menu from the main menu bar so the drop down menu appears.  This will cause an icon of the smallest size to be added to the image list first.


                                For those of you interested in the details… SolidWorks creates an image list to keep track of the icons that the user has accessed.  The first icon that is placed on the image list determines the sizing for each additional icon that is placed on the image list.  If an icon that is slightly larger than the standard 16x16 icon is placed on the list first, the problem occurs.  Since the order in which these icons are placed on the image list depends solely on user workflow, this problem is intermittent and difficult to reproduce.  And since this image list is rebuilt each time SolidWorks is started, simply restarting SolidWorks and doing a slightly different workflow can fix the problem.