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    Searching for a way to add a “complex” data to a (custom) feature

    Vincent Danilov


      I have seen that there have been some questions concerning „custom features“ ( ie.: https://forum.solidworks.com/message/358402 or https://forum.solidworks.com/thread/45193 )


      At the end of the day there are not really many examples around – and all the examples I have seen do not show how one can add “real customized data” to a feature (ie a structure or a class).


      In an ideal API it would be possible to have a customized macro feature where the macro feature can be instantiated in such a way that it can have hold customized data structures (class or structure)


      However InsertMacroFeature3 seems to be very constrained concerning this matter and I could not come up with a solution so far  - is this the bottleneck ?


      swMacroFeatureParamType_e ...defines the crucial parameter in InsertMacroFeature3








      So String, Doubles and Integers are not sufficient for my desired task.


      Background: I would like to have several coordinate systems in a part, the coordinate systems being managed in the tree of the feature manager, a VB.net function would call up the custom feature beneath the coordinate system and adding XYZ coordinates (and other information concerning a specific point)

      Any help and inspiration appreciated.