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    Jamie Myrhum
      I'm using functions to control a displacment motion on a cam. The assembly has a cam a, a pin and a spring. The spring is attacehed at one end on the pin and the other end is grounded. The first phase of the simulation moves the cam, loaing the spring throught he pin contact with the cam. The second phase lets the now loaded spring react on the pin and move the cam. The problem is that i'm trying to use a spline function to set the loading portion of the spring, however, at the end of the function I want the spring to control the motion, while the spline function has a nul effect on the assembly. unforttunalty it appears that the spline function continues on moving the cam, even after the function has gone past the last time/scale point.

      any sugestions on how to create the loading condition I'm looking for.

      In my buisness I see where CosmosMotion would be a great help, but its just not as user friendly as other Solidworks products.

          Hello Jamie Sir,

          What type of contact are using between the cam and the follower. Ifyou are using the "Curve to curve" contact without"Intermittent contact" then this might happen. I wouldlove to see some sort of image of the model or the model itself torecommend any other settings which can help you.


          Hari Padmanabhan