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New User need Task Scripting Help....

Question asked by Brian Corbin on Jan 23, 2014

Heya Guys,

Brand new SWX user here coming from a good knowledgre of Autodesk Vault. Trying to work with the task VB scripts and before I spend to much time hacking them to death (or at least trying to) thought I should ask for help here.


We have a bunch of part files that have a second sheet that ONLY has a 1:1 drawing view that is used for creating a DXF for CNC laser cutting. This is the second sheet, the first sheet is the normal drawing. When we print these using a task we dont want the second sheet. So I figure we just set the option to create each sheet as a seperate PDF file and delete all the PDF's of the second sheet.


Problem is when using the "Print Task" in EPDM we were only getting the second sheet, "huh?" Turns out as the PDF creator we use has the "Autosave" option turned on it automatically saves the files.

The VB script for print task seems to have a bug in it where the filename for BOTH sheets is the same. So the second PDF over writes the first...

Can anyone help with fixing this script to make it correct...


We use the "print task" as opposed to the "Convert task" as the print task has the ability to set the option of only creating PDF's of .slddrw files which is faster and better as we dont need the parts and assemblies.



Next Question:

I also want a second task, where it converts the second sheet to DWG/DXF for CNC cutting. Inside Our EPDM Datacard we have a button that flags a custom property with an "X" to say that it is a lasercut part file. Would htere be a way programmactally to select an assmbly and have the conversion to DWG/DWF done for only parts with this custom flag selected?


Thanks for any help guys!