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Question asked by Cadster Tigweld on Jan 23, 2014
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Hey Everyone

I am Using Solidworks 2014


I am trying to Get rid of the Golden BackGround/Plane Looking Surface


I opened up my assembly and There is what seems to be a  Huge Plane Like Surface which disappears eventually as i continually Zoom Out .

I cannot Highlight it , so when i click the surface and Create a Selection box to Highlight it there is no Response from Solidworks


It does not disappear if i change all my View setting i tried shutting off Planes Annotations etc but the results are the same

I tried closing up the drawing and reopening it and the problem presists


Has anyone ever encountered such an Issue

all Feed Back is Appreciated

Thank You



Im adding a Few Images please Review


The Image Below is when the Assembly is Set to open with "Shaded"


This Image is off the same Golden BackGround when the Assembly is tuned to " HIdden Lines Removed"





I Got it to Highlight ..Zoomed Out Furthur More and Then selected


All my Backups are showing the Same Issues