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    solidworks losing mates and corrupting files over a network. only me?

    Matt Furches

      Does anyone else have a massive problem with losing concentric and coincident mates when using faces as selections? many of my models are imported step files that were created in pro engineer and exported as a step file. Consequently the files are full of minor import errors. As I have no time to correct every single import error in thousands of parts i have to leave them as they are. I dont know if the fact that im using imported bodies is related though because i also loose the mates on native parts that i have created myself. Also with some regularity i open assemblies where parts are suppressed and cannot be unsuppressed because of file corruption of some type. We use a server and access our files over a gigabyte network but im wondering if there could be some kind of conflict between the server and the other computers causing this huge problem for us.I literally spend hours every day correcting models ive already fixed. any ideas?