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    Can't modify dimensions with equations

    Barry Watkins

      I'm creating some assemblies with equations in some of the dimensions and pretty often if I want to go back and modify a dimension an error message will come back saying that the dimension is read-only.  How do we fix this?

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          Barry Watkins

          Anybody have insights on this?  The example I attached to the other post is a really simple example, but this is happening all over my models and it's causing a lot of headaches for us.  This is a new method that I'm trying so I'm sure there are tricks to this that I'm missing.  I am trying to create assemblies that can be updated by changing a few overall dimensions in a basic "interior dimensions" model and having other parts dimensions update automatically using equations.  My problem is that the link is breaking down between the parts and then when I want to modify dimensions I'm unable to update them without recreating them.  Very frustrating.  Not sure why the breakdown is occurring in the first place, but I can't even see the equations in the dimensions in question.  They just say the dimension is read-only and won't let me see the equations.