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Need help with Bounding Box

Question asked by Greg Raymond on Jan 22, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2014 by James Pare

Good morning,


So after researching for a couple of hours about the Bounding Box feature it seems that it is completely oriented towards sheet metals and we work with solids. So it seems like it is not possible to use the SW 2013 new feature of Bounding Box from the weldments list, therefor I started looking at macros, same story there, almost everything was oriented for sheet metals.


I found one good macro that works perfect with solids, however if the solid is not aligned with the axis, it gives a false measurement and that's my question. Is there a macro, or anything at all, that can give me the correct measurements? Basically I am looking for some feature/macro that creates a bounding box around the solid, rotates the box as needed, and can add those dimensions to either the Custom Property or Configuration Specific tabs.


Here is an example of a not oriented rectangle and the readings that the bounding box gives me.