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    how to select an edge called pippo in a part that is placed inside an assembly ?

    Luigi Piron

      i'm try to select a plane by name ( pippo) but i'm not able



      Set swEnt1 = Part.GetEntityByName("pippo", swSelectType_e.swSelPLANESECTIONS)

      swEnt1.Select4 False, Nothing


      i Think the type of constant is not correct ....


      the other question is if i want to change the name of frontal plane as "Mario"

      which is the code that i have to use ?

      i tried with


      Set swEnt2 = Part.GetEntityByName("Mario", swSelectType_e.swSelDATUMPLANES)

      swEnt2.Select4 False, Nothing


      but nothing


      any suggestion ?

      yhank you in advance