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Solidworks 2014 weird issue with sketch entities

Question asked by Allen Canales on Jan 22, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2014 by Jeff Mirisola

I have a really annoying problem with Solidworks 2014, you know, when you start a new sketch, for example, you draw a circle under your front plane, then you add a dimension and start another circle into another view and you set the dimension for the new circle, usually, the new circle changes its proportions. Right? that's how it used to be. Now, this is my problem, when I draw the second one, and I add a dimension, the circle doesn't change, but the rest of the entities from another sketches does, like this:


1st Circle, drawn into front plane, 120mm

Circle No. 1.png

2nd Circle, drawn into right plane

Circle No. 2.png

2nd Circle, adding a dimension (120mm)

Circle No. 3.png

2nd Circle, when you click OK Button

Circle No. 4.png

See that? the 2nd circle doesn't changes, but the rest of the entities does, is that the way Solidworks 2014 works??


Sorry about my English, thanks