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Macro to set image quality to Red Zone in SW

Question asked by John Kruse on Jan 21, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2018 by Hiroki Takano

I have put together several Image Quality macro buttons for high and low quality viewing based on the work of others on this site ( and hadleman's work on ), but have not been able to determine the api commands to get the slider into the high "red zone".  Feeding input values to swImageQualityShadedDeviation past the reported min value just caused the macro to fail and the doccumentation page at has little to work from. 


I understand the system limits of this setting, but it is needed in large parts with small round tangent features so the boss can visualize them.  Based on the number of complaints I have seen regarding curvature generation, this seems like a useful toggle option for small to medium models on modern workstations.


I can work thru the details, but want to know if there are any ideas on what commands to send.