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    Custom proberties, RAL colors from materials

    Lasse Nielsen

      Hello there SolidWorks Forum,


      Is there a smart way to make a connection between the color of an applied material and custom proberties for the sheet format of a drawing?


      For instance, I'm currently building some models, that are supposed to be build in pre-painted sheet metal. One is RAL7016 and is called "Pre-painted grey", the other is RAL3011 and is called "Pre-painted red. I have created two custom material and colored accordingly in RGB, so it looks right in solidWork


      Can I somehow add a proberty to both materials with their RAL values, so when I apply one of the materials, SW will create a custom proberty called "color" with the RAL value from the applied material. I wish to use the "color"-proberty in a sheet format later on.


      Is this possible, or this there another way to achieve this goal?