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Cutlist item names disappearing and no longer available.

Question asked by Kevin Haslett on Jan 21, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2014 by Rachayl Duker

When working with multi body parts in the weldment app, I'm taking control of the cut list name for any given group of items.  Ie, renaming "Cut list item1" to -001.  There are certain time, unpredictable to me at this point, I will lose the assignment of a given item. Behind the scenes, for some unkown reason, it will rename an item from say -015 to Cut List Item25.  When I try to rename it back to -015, it says the name already exists though it clearly is not listed in the current cutlist.


I understand that as I make changes to any given body, it no longer meets the criteria given when I take control of the name of the item. 


The only two work arounds I have found are to either delete the cut list item for the body before I modify it, or I have to delete the entire cutlist and start over.  This is obviously time consuming and not a valid option.



Is there somewhere deep in the dataset that still holds onto that cutlist ID name that I'm not finding?