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    Dimensioning - Align Parallel/Concentric

    Bruce Turner

      Ever since migrating to SolidWorks 2014 (currently on SP4.0) my "Align Parallel/Concentric" command/button does not seem to function correctly while dimensioning a drawing.


      In earlier versions this functioned as per its description "Aligns and groups selected dimensions at a uniform distance from each other". It used to use the settings from "Document Properties/Dimensions/Offset Distances" for this uniform distance.


      Currently when I use this command/button it behaves like the "Align Collinear/Radial" command/button and puts the dimensions on top of each other.


      I realise that there are several other similar commands like "Space Evenly Across", "Space Tightly Across" and "Space Evenly Linear/Radial" but these do not give the same result (these do not use the "offset distance" from "Document Properties/Dimensions/Offset Distances").


      Is anybody else having this issue or know of a solution? Am I missing something basic?